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Laser Tag Game Options


With the capability to manipulate various aspects of the game, we can tailor make the scenarios to feature any mission desired. Most beginners prefer a simpler laser tag game that allows them to run around and operate as part of a team. More experienced gamers appreciate the battle tactics involved and opt for more objective-based combat scenarios. Here is a brief sample of our missions.


A straight-out elimination type mission. No bases or special objectives. The goal is to eliminate all enemy players.

Base Assault:

One team must assault and capture the base, while the other team must defend it. The team member who is closest to the base gives his team control of it. The objective is for the Assault Team to gain control of the base in a set amount of time. The Defense Team must prevent the Assault Team from gaining control of the base. If the Defense Team loses control of the base, they must try to retake it. The team in control of the base at the end of the mission wins.

This mission uses the medic rule, which allows players with one hit point left to be healed (given additional hit points). Players with more than one hit point cannot be given additional hit points until they have just one left. The medic may have a limit on how many he can add to players.

Capture the Flag:

Try to slip behind the other team’s lines and attack your opponent’s base camp, capture your opponent’s flag and return it safely to your own base. All the time coming under the other team’s fire, preparing for counter attacks, and protecting your own flag, base, and team members.

Prepare to engage in some exciting modern combat war game scenarios.

With its state-of-the-art military-grade technology, Laser Outdoor Combat lets participants experience highly realistic modern military combat scenarios.

Imagine you’re a squad leader. You get a call: “Blackhawk down!” Now it’s up to you to lead your squad into a highly hostile environment. Your mission is to find your lost team members, rescue them, and return them to a safe haven. All the while knowing the enemy is closing in and will stop at nothing to prevent you from completing your mission. This is just one of many scenarios that pit team against team in this ultimate combat interactive experience.

We deliver all of this in a safe, controlled environment with the use of our laser taggers. These taggers emit a harmless infrared beam with the accuracy of a real weapon. You can hit targets up to 2,000 feet away. Our tactical laser simulations are more accurate and provide greater ranges than paintball, and without the mess and painful paintball sting. At Hawaii Laser Tag, we provide a non-discriminating environment that encourages participants of all ages and sexes to compete with each other.